A house for active group travel, youth vacation and educational vacation

So this is our main hotel in St. Johann, this is where you will meet us. What a place of activities. You’ll better participate. We can actually offer enough things to explore around our house: Once you’ve passed the slackline in our park, you’ll walk right towards our kitchen garden. Many green thumbs help lettuce, herbs and flowers spring up and finally end up in the kitchen. Everyone will find the favourite space among playgrounds, lawns, hammocks and loungers. When playing hide and seek there are so many hidden spots and corners that the seeker needs to be patient. Maybe anyone has found the way right to the hut? When you reach the top you will meet our neighbours and guests sharing our sports field. Skaters and sports teams have plenty of space for their games and workout.


In front of the house you will feel the spirit of Markus and his intuitive association to regional artists and the might of nature.


There are eight erratics that surround the fire place in the garden. Here, many night walks ended with stories about flames and magic herbs. During the day you may jump from rock to rock, and we usually wait impatiently until they’re covered in snow. Then it might be enough snow. When it’s winter and no one wants to have lunch on the patio we will find new guests to the terrace: Little neighbours and spectators come to visit the bird village. Ossi, Annemarie and the kitchen staff prepare nutritious dishes for the birds, as well.


Even more water. Want some refreshment? That icy cold jacuzzi will be the place to be for those returning from activities or having a sauna break.



Talking about saunas. This is what you will find here, too. Have a look at our little wellness area. You might hop from a steam sauna into the finish as much as you like, until you’re warm enough and hungry enough to enjoy dinner. You might use the sauna in winter after you winter outdoor days. Enjoy it as well on a rainy day in summer after half a day of hiking. Just let us know, and we’ll get everything prepared until you’ll be back at the hotel.


This is phenomenal: Our living Christmas tree. Isn’t Christmas the most beautiful season of the year? We want to make a contribution and decorate the village with a Christmas tree 34 metres high. Then it’s time to start into winter season. You can see this tree from far all over the valley. Every year Makus Neumair, the mountain guide, gets dressed up, gets his gear on, so to say, renews candles and sorts electric cables.


Our kitchen staff prepares culinary delights which are the finish of a all-around satisfying stay. Want some try? Have a look inside our kitchen.


As life can’t be just fun. We‘ll find rooms, space and time for your presentations. You will hold your meetings and we will provide the equipment. See you there at the Old Saw.




Our rooms are real quick-change artists. Families will enjoy their stay without realizing that our clean team was geared for youth groups one day before. Couples will not have the faintest idea that their place will be taken over by cots and teddy bears. Youth will arrive and won’t find a shell left over of the pilgrims of St. James.



Day’s done. That needs to be celebrated. The club room is prepared, the only thing you need to decide is whether you are the DJ, you need a DJ or you would like to dance with live music. Time to party at the Hotel Steinpent.


If you’re no dancers don’t worry. Our ballroom may be used as yoga gym, as meeting point or for an aerobic workout. There are wooden floors.