This goes to peak finders and researchers on high levels. So you want to go far. You want to go high. You probably won’t come here to see us often enough to try out all the trails and routes. Each wood is strewed with numerous tracks, trails and dirt roads. Anyone with any particular demand will get to enjoy themselves. Whether you will stay in the area of the valley and stroll along the Valley Aurina Sun Paths or you’ll venture to tackle a peek or you’ll wander through this universe of mountains and peeks together with local guides for a couple of days. You won’t need to try any itinerary twice. Whether you’ll start up on your owns or you’ll choose to be escorted by guides. If it wasn’t for these favourite tours where you had the best strudel and the most beautiful view… Get to know our Valley Aurina while walking. Live this mighty mountain spirit. Those being fit enough might not only admire these three-thousanders from beneath. On a guided tour they might have a try on a peek. Enjoy the incredible experience of climbing our highest summits. We also recommend the guided tours from one country South Tyrol to the other country Tyrol and its Zillertal. Please, always have in mind: In the end these mountains will always be stronger than us. They will be higher and more infinite than our energy will last. Reaching a peek should not necessarily be the single goal. One goes hiking to experience the road and find their ways. Not to boast about extreme accomplishments. This is the most winning understanding of professional hikers to be carried with whenever facing the mountains.