There is so much to experience during our summer. Our list of summer activities might be a kilometer long. Don’t you think? Then have a look. We’ll get started in May.


Just done with your finals? Go on vacation with your class. You’re looking for a place to hold seminars? We’ll organize your stay. We’ll equip you with the fitting programme, whether you’re planning an active vacation or need a new destination for your group travel. Go on a rafting tour, research on your interests, go hiking and experience the beauty of the mountainside and wildlife. Want more? Educational business games or canyoning with abseiling on spectacular water falls. Go to your limit.


We suggest a night in a cabin, hiking tours at sun rise and mountain bike tours. Have a look, we chose a couple of our favourite activities. There’s so many more reasons to exhaustedly get back to the hotel at night. We’ll meet the requirements of your expectations of a destination for recreation and sports.